My Story


My Story

I help companies develop brands and communications that inspire action and build business. I’m a discoverer. A problem solver.  A story listener and teller.

I got my start at the age of 11, when I achieved a lifelong dream: to be the Easter Bunny. Decked out in a festive rabbit suit, I waved to cars passing by the Log Cabin Candy Store, beckoning them to stop for the homemade chocolate eggs and bunnies for sale inside.

That was my introduction to the importance of connecting with customers in a unique and memorable fashion.  Creating buzz. Generating stories. Because at heart, that’s what advertising is—telling a story.

I’ve been in the advertising business for more than 35 years, working for some great agencies: Quinn & Johnson/BBDO Boston, Ingalls, Hill, Holliday. Clients recommend me for engaging copy, solid strategy, and strong relationships. I’ve even won a bunch of awards.

Today, at LKS Creative Counsel, I deliver value by helping companies uncover business truths that resonate with their target audience. I dive deep into the worlds of clients and customers, returning with valuable nuggets I can spin into compelling brand stories, positionings, and communications.

I love stories in my spare time, too. I’ve told stories at storytelling festivals. I’ve even authored a book called Peaceful Places Bostonwhere stories lead you on a journey to 121 tranquil sites in the city and beyond.

I also enjoy cooking, paddling along tidal creeks in my kayak, and songs; the ones I sing with the Portsmouth, NH women’s chorus Voices from the Heart, and those I hear as I wander through woodlands and marshes in search of birds each spring.

This is my story. What’s yours? Learn more about working with Lynn Schweikart.

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