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Peaceful Places Boston

121 Tranquil Sites in the City and Beyond

Peaceful Places Boston leads the reader on an unexpected path to secret delights shared by its insider author. This, the fifth in an unusual guidebook series published by Menasha Ridge Press, is for everyone who yearns for a little peace and quiet amidst the urban hubbub.

The book entices readers with 121 tranquil oases, in Boston and beyond. There are enchanting walks, historic sites, museums and galleries, outdoor habitats, parks and gardens, quiet tables, spiritual enclaves, inspiring vistas, and urban surprises, all described from the perspective of a local who knows where to find serenity, in both familiar and unexpected places.

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Accolades for Peaceful Places: Boston

“This book shines as Schweikart reveals a space that looks private, but is public, and describes ways to enjoy it in all seasons.” — The Back Bay Sun, June 2012

“We highly recommend this book and plan to make it a list that we’ll explore in the years ahead.” — Boston Zest, April 2012

“Local author Lynn Schweikart culled together 121 spots around town. The guidebook is divided into categories based on your definition of peaceful, whether you’re seeking a quiet reading room or a kooky art gallery. Best of all, most locations are free!” — Metro Boston, November 2011

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