My Approach

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Successful marketing is about communicating your brand story in a way that engages, informs, and inspires. Read more

My Approach

What sets your business apart? What customer needs do you fulfill? How do you make a difference in people’s lives? What unique value do you provide?

I’ll help you evaluate your current messaging, develop or revitalize your branding, and communicate your story in an authentic manner so you can engage, inform, and inspire your customers and prospects, as well as your employees.

Working with LKS Creative

I collaborate directly with corporate clients and by partnering with select design groups, advertising agencies, marketing firms, and branding consultants. By integrating seamlessly into your team, I can quickly develop strategies, uncover solutions, and create content that tells your story. On brand. On time.

Capabilities include:

–        Brandstorming

–        Brand storying

–        Positioning/Brand manifestos

–        Concept development

–        Creative strategies

–        Creative direction

–        Copywriting (all media, including print, broadcast, collateral, web, social)

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